What is Climate-Smart?

What is It?

Climate change poses signficant challenges here in our community and across the globe. To minimize the emissions from agriculture, climate-smart agriculture was developed to increase productivity, enhance resilience, and reduce emissions.

What’s Being Done?

The USDA has committed to funding over $3.1 billion to support farmers and researchers working to identify ways agriculture can positively impact the environment. With the use of innovative growing practices farmers can make significant contributions to the health of the soil and its benefits to greenhouse gases.

How Can You Help?

Together, we can support farmers who implement positive practices on their farms to positively impact the environment. You can help by choosing Climate-Smart Farmers when buying food for you and your loved ones.

Partner Profiles the Southern Piedmont Climate-Smart Project Partners

Our project team combines perspectives from academic institutions, nonprofits, NGOs, and farmer associations to form one wholistic study of diverse vegetable farming in the Southern Piedmont.